Last Updated: 22/06/2022

Experience Seychelles

What you need to know

Seychelles remains a safe and travel worthy destination, ready to welcome you and ensure that you enjoy the holiday of your dreams.


Planning your holiday during these uncertain times is not without its challenges, however we would like to make this as much as possible a hassle-free experience for you.

The situation remains very fluid and it is important that you keep yourself regularly informed/updated on conditions for travel to the Seychelles.

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Enjoying Your Seychelles Holiday

Your Seychelles getaway will be an escape like no other.

While the situation remains fluid, we want to ensure that your holiday is safe and enjoyable by providing you with essential information.

Health and safety measures have been put into place to ensure a stress-free tropical experience for all. 

Outdoor mask-wearing is now optional in Seychelles. 

Mask wearing in public places
Visitors are still required to keep their masks on when using public buses and other public transportation such as taxis, boats, and planes.

Visitors are encouraged to remain vigilant and to observe sanitary protocols.